This is my first post and I'm glad I can say this right away:

Digital is a joke. It was created to get people to buy more cameras every time a new model comes out. The quality is laughable. Unless you buy a Hasselblad with a Phase One digital back ($30,000), you are seriously compromising on quality.

Sell the D100. You know it will be obsolete soon. You say the quality of the scans from the F5 are close to the D100 files? Guaranteed someone will come out with a film scanner that will improve on that. When they do you still have all your images on film which you could rescan. Whereas, you can't improve on the quality of your images from the D100.

It makes me cringe to think people are shooting on this disposable format. The F5 will always be worth something because film will always be better than digital. But after the next Nikon digital comes out, the D100's price will plummet. Bad investment. I'm sure you still don't use the first computer you ever bought. Same thing with digital cameras. You could buy the first Hasselblad that came out back in the 50's and the quality still is there. I remember a friend of mine had a Apple digital camera back in the day and you can't even hook it up to a computer now, much less compete on quality with newer digitals.

Isn't all this why this web site was started?