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    Grateful for solution to the mystery

    Thanks for posting the link to the description of your very interesting camera. Until now I've been puzzling over WTH you chaps could mean by "tube camera", a term previously unknown to me. It turns out I have a "tube camera" as well, a 35mm Konica I (also with CRF, but mechanically linked).

    Quote Originally Posted by P C Headland View Post
    Back to tube cameras: I've got one as well. This one is a bit more unusual in that it has a coupled RF, similar in style to a Super Ikonta. It also has a frame counter (no red window), although there is no auto frame spacing. Weird, but it does work.

    It's a Weha Chrome Six.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erik Prestmo View Post
    Was wondering wether anyone else out there share interest in these?
    Yes I do. I just didn't know they were called "tube cameras"! In my quest to find a classic camera that could serve as an alternative to my Holga, I have researched quite a few oldies which may fall under that category.

    Now I don't know whether this genre requires a camera to have a retractable tube-mounted lens or not, but my most recent purchase does, so it definitely fits the bill. It is a Meteor - a rather basic 6x6 format camera that takes 620 film, made by Universal Camera Corporation from the late '40's through the early 50's. If you haven't seen one of these before, this guy has some great pictures and a good write up.

    What first caught my eye were the fairly clean lines (not too ugly ), and that it looked simple to operate. But it also has some unusual features compared to most of the more basic cameras I have seen, including a coated meniscus lens, a continuously adjustable square aperture, and an extinction meter. I am currently having way too much fun rebuilding this camera and modding it to my liking.

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