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    There is a place that still rerolls 70mm b&w onto 116 rolls. Google "Film for Classics." Cost is about $32 per roll. I think you get eight shots per roll.

    Kent in SD
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    Quote Originally Posted by orlac View Post
    Hi there,

    I have just opened an old No.1A Folding Pocket Kodak (1908-1912) and found a film in it which has already been used. The camera belonged to my grandmother and she would have bought it about 1909. I'm not sure how long the film has been in the camera though. It could have been there for about 70 years or more. There is no film number written on the outside of the film which has a yellow paper closing flap, but I think it would have been a 116. When I put a 120 film up alongside it the old one looks taller, but I'm not sure if this is just larger than the 120 from the outside and maybe the film is shorter inside the flap. What I'd like to know from anyone out there is, if this film can be developed to find some degree of image on it? It is too tall to fit into the film spools that I have.

    I would also like to know if it is possible to buy film for this camera? I would like to try taking some images with it as it seems to be in a good condition, still with its original box and even the original camera manual as well.

    Any ideas anyone?

    Hi there. I suppose there is a possibility of developing the film under some circumstances but I am not sure as I am no expert at developing very old undeveloped film. Realistically, my guess is that the emulsion on the film is so far gone that no image will show up regardless of what is tried. If you'd really like to try or at least find out if it is possible to salvage images that might be on the roll you'll need to take it to a film development expert. They might be able to tell you the likelihood.
    The No. 1A Folding Pocket Kodak originally took No. 105 roll film which predated Kodak's sequential numbering system that was used for the majority of their cameras. The film was released in 1898 and used for only a short time I believe. No 105 roll film was the same width as modern 120 but used different spools and different backing paper. You can probably re-spool 120 onto the original spools. I will be experimenting with this at some point but I haven't had the chance to yet. Even if you manage to find an unused roll of No. 105 roll film there is no chance that it will still produce a picture. There is no current production film made to fit this camera but like I said you may be able to re-spool or with a little extra ingenuity you can make spacers to secure the fit of modern 120 rills if necessary. If you wish to do any of this there is plenty of information within this forum.

    Best of luck with your camera.
    Francesco Fragomeni

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