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    Koni Omega Rapid M, grip for large hands

    Sorry if this might already be covered somewhere. I did a search but didn't find anything...

    I recently acquired a Koni Omega Rapid M. My first MF camera!!!

    I'm a big pretty big guy (6' 4", 240 lbs), so my hands are big, too. I can see how the left hand external / ergonomic grip would be fine for someone with smaller hands... But, for me, it's kinda a hand cramping exercise to place my hand in proper position to both trip the shutter release and support the camera.

    The manual says that the little finger of the left hand should be curled under the grip -- and I get that, but overall I just need a bigger grip (both longer top to bottom, and with greater volume/distance/circumference around the center to better fit the contour of my hand).

    I could, of course, make my own. (I've even thought of using an actual pistol grip -- from a pistol -- which I know will be large enough).

    Short of those measures, does anyone have suggestions and experiences with this same problem?

    Thanks in Advance
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