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That is my mistake. After a little bit of research, I realize that I should have said that you don't compose the entire shot if you use the standard 6x7 focusing screens. You'd need to get the 6x8 focusing screen to show the entire view. I believe you also need a 6x8 film back adapter (which also works for 6x7). I do not believe that Pro SDs (with their 8x8 cm rear aperture) have quite as many issues to consider when using the 6x8 back. I will defer to the experts on 6x8 backs to explain the details of their use in detail.
I completely forget about 6X8 for some reason - something new to think about and fiddle around with...

If I recall correctly, you are right about not having full 8X8 view, I studied it years ago, being obsessed about composing with what can be seen through the finder/ground glass. Currently more obsessed with lighting .