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If you can get a hold of some Kodak Portra 100T or Fuji NPL (both color negative films), I'd try that. If not, Fuji T64 or Kodak 64T (both transparency films).

All four of these films are discontinued; the two transparency ones more recently.

IME, the things to be most aware of in night exposures are high contrast compositions and reciprocity failure of your film. Many night shots are very high in contrast (with lamps or windows in the picture being much, much brighter than the things they are illuminating), and you have to be careful with exposure. The four films I mentioned help with both reciprocity and color balance.
No need, Provia 100F is balanced well on the blue side and shares Acros' superb reciprocity characteristics. All of those Tungsten films will be more trouble than the tungsten balance is worth due to inferior reciprocity characteristics compared to Provia 100F. And Provia is easily available.