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I was not asking the question about the stop bath. MichealR was.

And to be clear, a rinse is contaminated by the developer and so you are simply diluting the developer, not replacing it with fresh water. So you need to refresh your rinse often which, in my opinion, is a waste of water and more things to keep track of (and a real pain if you are running a processor). A stop bath also helps preserve an acid fix, which tends to be the most common type of fix.

If you wish to use a rinse, please do. Many folks do and are successful. That does not mean a stop is superfluous. My recommendation to MichaelR is to use a stop. He is happy to use a rinse if he wishes. However, since a stop will not cause reticulation, that is not a reason for avoiding a stop.
Not wanting to redo the thread we had lately, but yes, a stop is superfluous, a water rinse is all that's needed (no need to refresh it, by the way - so/because the next bath will be fix, not water).
And perhaps not giving the emulsion that acid stop pH-shock will help prevent reticulation, if such help is needed (which it isn't).