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    [QUOTE=amirvii;1114708]I just recieved my RZ67 ProII camera that i ordered from ebay. I have some very basic questions and im sorry if they sound stupid.

    1. Why does the RZ67 take an battery? Mine came with a 120 back and a wasitlevel viewfinder. I don't really see why there might be a need for a battery. What part of the camera uses the battery and what for exactly? I was able to test out the shutter release and play with the camera without the battery on just wondering what its used for.

    The shutter is electronically timed, so needs a battery. It lasts a long time - a year or more!

    2. I seem to have difficulty with Release Button Collar and changing it. Every time i change it from orange dot to red it just doesnt change smoothly and i think its damaging the button or something. Is there a trick to this? And what is the difference between white and red dots?

    The red dot is 'Lock' and mechanically locks the shutter release. The white dot engages the 1/400 mechanical speed for when the battery has failed.

    3. What are the RBL and AEF options for?

    Sorry, don't know. My RZ67 doesn't have them - its too old.

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    i tried the above steps and there is a solid orange and red dot. does that indicate that the battery is working? on the manual it says that the orange light indicates that cocking lever is not set. What does this mean exactly? I'm pretty sure i press the cocking lever all the way down. and when your taking pictures im assuming you put the selector lever on the orange dot. There are no lights on the viewfinder if the camera is put on the orange dot. So every time i want to check my camera i have to put selector lever on white dot?

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    You are worrying way too much about the battery. Batteries last a very long time in the RZ.
    That said, do keep a new spare with you at all times.
    Also, place the camera in [shutter lock] when placing the camera in your camera bag.

    Normal operations, yes, you place the shutter collar white dot, to body white dot.
    You only place the collar white dot, to body orange dot when the battery is weak or dead.
    The collar white dot, to body red dot turns the camera off, and locks the shutter button.

    When the battery is low, the red light in the view finder [blinks], and there is an audible beep sound.

    Please read through the manual. Parts 1 and 2 are below.
    Shutter collar positions are on page 18, of part 1.
    Battery warnings are on page 20, of part 1.



    Also, if you find the manual at this site useful, please send a small donation to the site manager,
    to further fund continued services.
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