JohnBoy, it could be that the ring has come undone from the actual focus helix. The ring is just that- a ring with a lever coming out. There are three set screws that attach it to the outer ring of the actual lens moving system. Worst case is that the grey ring has snapped, and this is most likely what has happened. Removing the focus scale (bottom) and focus hood (top) gives you more looks inside.

Remember to reinstall the focus scale screws because the tap holes go through to the film chamber and will cause light leaks.

The only way I know to get access involves a full disassembly of the lens plate, including removing the shutter, etc. Take photos and keep notes on the arrangement of the various rings and washers that live under the shutter body. I make index/scratch marks on various pieces to realign for assembly. You might find small marks in the outer helix that indicates where the set screws had been set at the factory- helpful for getting infinity focus again.