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    OK, I'm diggin' this... and a question

    I've been spending the weekend shooting with my new Bronica system and planning on what new goodies to get next.

    Within hours of getting the system on Friday, I picked up a waist level finder at Fishkin Brothers in Perth Amboy, and a Polaroid back via eBay. I really prefer the waist level to an eye level when shooting headshots. I did learn one important lesson early on, NEVER trust O.P.B. - Other Peoples Batteries! Whereas the SQ-Ai won't do squat when the batteries are dead, I learned the hard way thet the SQ-A WILL fire the shutter with a dead battery, but ONLY at 1/500th sec. Oh well, at least it was only part of one roll of film! :-)

    A question for the other SQ series users out there - Is anyone using the 40mm wide angle lens? If so, what is your opinion? I really like the 50mm, but I'm thinking that the extra few degrees might be very useful.

    Anyway, I figure I'll need at least 2 or 3 more 120 backs in the not-too-distant future.
    Bob Fowler
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    >>I learned the hard way thet the SQ-A WILL fire the shutter with a dead battery, but ONLY at 1/500th sec.<<

    I also learned the hard way with my SQ-A to always carry a fresh battery with me out in the field, and also not to wind the film advance until I'm setting up to take the next shot. Advancing the film keeps the battery "on" and assures less battery life. As for the 40 mm wide angle, I haven't used it, so can't offer an opinion. My 50mm is a wonderful lens, however, for 99% of the time a wide-angle is called for....

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    I have both the 40S and 50S. I don't see any difference in quality of the image. The 50S uses 67mm filters like all my other S lenses. The pro hood fits the 50S. But, I like and use the 40S more. Downside, takes a 95mm filter, which I have none of. I found I can use a Cokin P filter. They fit just inside of the scalloped hood and I hold them on with a rubber band looped around opposing corners. I would prefer a high quality glass filter but cannot afford the price of a set of 95mm, even if I could find them.

    The extra few degrees are useful and so is the extra depth of field of the 40.




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