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    Flexaret repair?

    A few months ago I bought a Meopta Flexaret IV TLR from a local antique shop, and unfortunately the entire shutter mechanism is jammed. I sent it off to a "we service all brands" camera shop that seemed to be speedy and well recommended.

    Unfortunately, today I got the camera back in the mail unexpectedly, with a note saying that the camera was too old for there to be any technician on hand who knew how to repair it.

    Does anyone in APUG Land know someone who is knowledgeable and competent in repairing Flexarets? I'd really like to restore this one to working order instead of buying a working one off eBay if I can help it.

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    OK, I hope I'm not too late to post a reply on this topic. If you want a Flexaret shutter repaired you could get in touch with Cupog (search on ebay for him). He does repairs and cleaning of Flexarets. If you are handy you could get the shutter of the body and send only the shutter but maybe it's a good idea to get the whole camera checked. Luckily, the Flexaret IV isn't the most complicated of the Flexaret line.

    The only con is that cupog is located in Slovakia while you are in the US which makes postage maybe a little expensive. Another option is to find someone who is familiar with older shutters, Meopta used German made standard shutters on the Flexaret IV (later on they changed to Metax shutter produced in Czechoslovakia itself) . But you could only use this service if you are certain that all other things work like they should (and I'm speaking about the film counter/transport in particular).
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