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if i go location scouting is there something i can take with me instead of my camera to see what the shot would look like
i'm imagining a piece of equipment that mimics the field of view of my hasselblad + 80mm lens
its like one of those things that filmmakers use when they go location scouting that lets them see what the shot will look like without having to look through their movie camera
its small, its just like a lens with an eyepiece, or something like that
am i going crazy or does this thing exist
Are you referring to a viewing filter? These can be found on the auction or forums. One is made for B&W film and the other for color. Zone VI was one of the companies that used to make these and can usually be found in the $50 range. St. Ansel used to recommend a Wratten #90 viewing filter for B&W photography.
If you just want to get an idea of what the image would look like in your view finder, then just cut a 6X6 square in a black mounting board and carry that with you. Since your Hassy has a 6X6 ground glass and you are using an 80mm lens (normal viewing length), it would be close to what your eye sees.
The viewing filters mimic what the film registers vs what your eye sees.

These are viewed as "training aids", and you will rely less and less on them as you train your eye and brain to think photographically, (visualization).