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    Mamiya RZ Polaroid back

    I've purchased a Pola back for my Mamiya RZ, mounted it on and shooted the first photo; after this, I can't operate anymore the cocking lever for cocking the shutter: did I make a mistake? Where I'm wrong ?
    Thanks to all

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    I'm guessing here but...

    I don't have an RZ but I have the RB and I have a Polaroid back that I have never used. So you can see I'm an expert on your problem. Anyway, I'm guessing that you might need to use that in the double exposure mode. I suppose there is an interlock that is holding up the thing. Since you are pulling the photo out after an exposure, there is no problem with a double exposure, so try it that way. I hope that solves your problem. Ric.

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    If you take off the Polaroid back, you see a geared rod coming out of your camera in the upper right of the light exit hole. This rod turns every time you operate the cocking lever. On regular film backs this rod advances the film and the film back won't let the rod turn once the film is advanced to the next frame until you take a photo. Once you remove the back you should be able to operate the cocking lever as often as you want - try it!

    Needless to say, since your Polaroid back doesn't advance film frames like that, it doesn't lock the rod so with the Polaroid back on your camera you should be able to advance the cocking lever many times - just like if there was no back at all on your camera. My impression is that something is stuck in your camera or your lens.
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    I can't see anything with the Polaroid back itself that should be able to make the camera body act as you describes. Not even if something is broken/malfunctioning on the back.

    The only thing I can think of that makes the RZ act like this is when you set the
    switch on the lenses to "T" for "Time Exposure". Check that one.
    It might be that you, by mistake, moved it when attaching the Polaroid back. Or even when
    you took the camera out of the bag, or......

    Something like once a year I somehow run into this – moving the switch accidentally.
    And it always takes me like a minute before I realize what the problem actually is.



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