The Efke has arrived. Still waiting for the Hoya R72

I've noticed a lot of inconsistency in responses as to loading in total darkness vs. subdued light if that makes any sense. Which, when considering this stuff is $11.99a pop makes one want to err on the side of caution.

I'm really, really hoping I get some promising results.

I'm also considering having LifePixel convert a Canon G12 to either full spectrum or 720nm with several recommendations to go with 590nm. I'm thinking that if I like film B&W IR then shooting digital IR will be a bit easier to accomplish.

So in a way, the coincidence of taking a photography class that requires a B&W film IR image will actually help me decide if I want to do the digital conversion or not.

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Thanks Dwain,

I use an R72 filter on mine and it works great.

BTW, I still think you're being too cautious with the film. I've changed rolls in the middle of sunny Monument Valley just using my shadow or the shady inside of the truck, but it's up to you.