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    One of my X-700's ( I have 2) has the same frame counter problem but I just ignore it. Both cameras were bought new in 1984 for a trip to Europe. Both had a capacitor failure within a month of each other last year. I replaced the capacitors (not hard) and now they are working fine.
    I kind of panicked when they both went bad and started buying SRT's as a mechanical back up.
    At the same time I saw the ad for an XD-11 body with a buy it now price of only $34.00 so I couldn't resist. I'm glad I didn't.
    I need a huge camera bag and more arms to shoot with them all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wotalegend View Post
    . . .

    As a matter of interest, when did Minolta move production from Japan to Indonesia? I have never really thought about it but would now assume that mine was made in Japan because it has (still) the gold JCII "Passed" sticker.
    Good morning, WotALegend;

    Some dim memories here, but I believe that the transfer of the X-700 production line to Indonesia happened in the middle or late 1980s, and then the transfer to China for the last three years was right at about 1999 or 2000, and production ended in 2003. That was over 20 years for one model of a camera, and its variants, which was pretty impressive for a 35mm camera in modern times.

    The JCII stickers could still be applied on cameras made in other manufacturing facilities noting that the maker was still a Japanese company. If the parts and the assembled camera met the standards of the JCOIITI, the Japan Camera and Optical Instruments Inspection and Testing Institute (the current full name of the organization), the JCII sticker could go on those cameras also. It was easier to just keep the older smaller designation on the inspection approval sticker.

    A similar practice has been found here in the United States where many of the parts and assemblies for the Ford Motor Company were actually made in Canada (the Windsor engines for example), and the full size Dodge (Chrysler Corporation back then) vans final assembly did take place in Canada, but they were warranted in the United States by Chrysler. In today's economy it is almost impossible to avoid having some parts of a piece of equipment that are not made "off shore." This has been developing for a while.

    Ralph Javins, Latte Land, Washington

    When they ask you; "How many Mega Pixels you got in your camera?"
    just tell them; "I use activated silver bromide crystals tor my image storage media."

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