Well, someone beat me to the affordable 35mm Summicron by a few hours, so all that remains now are the Type 2 ones, which I cannot afford on a post-graduation job-seeker's budget... I'll be patient if a further Type 1 pops up in about a week, 10 days, otherwise I think I'll go the Nikon way. There seems to be a steady supply of used Zeiss lenses in ZF mount around.

Danielle: that was my logic as well, just have two lenses for it... I got used to shooting mostly between 35-50mm and 90-105mm focal lengths, so having these equivalents in two lenses for the upcoming purchase didn't seem too crazy in financial terms. "We'll see how the market behaves", he said in a not overly confident voice.

rolleiman: it's true, I was thinking about the variety as well... If I went the Nikon way, I could easily pick up a backup FG body for little money, so I could shoot slide and my Ilfords side by side.