One of the earliest responses is what worked for me. I had bought a new film door on Ebay about two years ago but couldn't figure out how to install it. The video gave me the info to do it and it is working perfectly and looks factory new. Very satisfying!
A couple of points to clarify the video. There is no caption on one frame that shows a red arrow pointing to a screw on the bottom of the compatment. This needs to be removed. Also there is no need to remove the rubber grip covering, just the bottom screw after you pop out the skinny plastic trim piece covering the two vertically arranged screws. Also, not shown in the video is that the assembly you need to remove to replace the door should be removed by pushing downward on it once the two screws which retain it are removed.
I highly recomend the door replacement fix. With the video and these supplementary tips it should be doable in half an hour max.