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    Quote Originally Posted by BobD View Post
    The fake filters don't really come from China. They come from a fake China which was secretly manufactured in Nigeria.
    With growing anger over wages, working conditions and the ongoing collapse of the shadow banks, the Chinese people have had enough of a corrupt government. "Fake China"? You said more there than you might think.
    I photograph things to see what things look like photographed.
    - Garry Winogrand

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    I'm extenuating my own diatribe ... but remember, within the generally mess of it all, there are still
    some very reputable cottage industries or small mfgs in China. Chamonix, Shen-Hao, and certain other custom view cameras seem generally well-designed. These are small companies catering to a
    very limited market. And I'm not anti-Chinese! A close family friend established the business school
    at the University of Beijing, and my own wife studied there a year to finish her degree in Chinese
    Literature (the first of three degrees). If there weren't so many crooks here, there wouldn't be so
    many crooks there supplying us. Just like the drug problem here - supply and demand.

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    sweet, now I finally have filters of a quality to match that of my holga.
    how is this NOT good news?
    All joking aside, if companies in china started making quality filters i would buy theirs, especially if they were just as good or nearly as good and at a low enough price.
    At this time though, I have a set of old filters which work perfectly, included a camera bag, and cost me $5 at a garage sale. Something like nearly 30 different Cokin filters and a complete set of those cutout things.
    IMHO, the ebst deals seem to still be finding used stuff at the bay of e or the list of craig.

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    The Chinese aren't going to be satisfied with the cheap end of the market for long as the Japanese weren't once they got their foot in the door of Western markets, how long before they are producing quality luxury goods, and making them smaller, more reliable, lighter and cheaper ?, and what's even more concerning is many of our Western governments including the U.S.A are already massively in financial debt to the Peoples Republic Of China they don't have to go to war with us in these days of globalism, just call in their debts to destroy our Western economies.
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