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    Nikon 1000mm f11 vs MTO-11CA

    Please detail your experiences with these 2 lenses, and which one you feel would be the better proposition overall, assuming I can get an adaptor which will allow me to use the Russian mirror lens on my film cameras. I plan on the black card and tape around the lens to increase contrast.

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    Since I have no experience with the Russian mirror lens, I cannot comment on it.

    I have had years of experience with my Nikon f/11 mirror lens and have been very pleased with its performance. If I were looking for mirror lens for my Nikon camera, I would not consider any lens other than Nikon unless it had a bargain price, was optically superior, or both.

    I do not know what you mean by taping a black card around the lens to increase contrast. Would you please explain?




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    I used to have a Celestron 1250 mm lens. It didn't work well, for photography.

    I can't believe that a Russian lens would be better than a top-of-the-line
    Nikkor lens.

    I used to have a Celestron 1250 mm lens. It didn't work well, for photography.

    I now own the Nikkor 1000 mm mirror lens !

    I use it on a Canon EOS cameras, admittedly the metering is a bit spotty,
    ( pun intended ), but it's super sharp.

    Surprisingly, I used the same lens with a Canon T-90 & that camera could
    do stop-down metering much more accurately.

    I love this lens !

    The only better version of this lens would be finding a Contax Zeiss,
    Mirror lens & using a lens adapter.

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    I can only comment on the MTO

    - mine is very sharp
    - it vignettes noticably - a good 1 stops from centre to the edge of the frame
    - contrast is lower than a optical lens, but not much of a problem, as I tend to use the lens in sunlight so the lower contrast is not a problem
    - build quality is very good - mine was made around 1990

    I've used mine with Canon FD and EOS film and digital cameras

    For me the decision which one to uy would epend on several factors - price, how often the lens was going to be used, adn for what purpose. For me, the price was right, and for the occasional shot it's a fun lens to have
    A camera is only a black box with a hole in it....

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