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    Quote Originally Posted by mopar_guy View Post
    Never make any judgements based on a negative scan. Get something printed.
    Never make judgements on any scan or print. Shoot slides.

    I have about a half dozen 50f1.8's. They are all good lenses. On one occassion I did compare the earlier versions to the MIJ, and the MIJ was noticeably sharper. In fact, I stopped using the MIJ because it kept cutting my fingers. :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Jones View Post
    JPD- I think about cameras the same way. I just see how they work in all kinds of situations. You didn't get the photo order quite right. The first pic is actually the Yashica hand held although I was resting my elbows on the next bike along.
    I have a collection of Rollei TLR's, Retinas and folders, different models and different lenses, and when I have learned how they behave in different situations I pick the camera I feel suits me and the situation for the day. A simpler three element lens can have a certain "something".

    One interesting camera is the Zeiss Ikon Box Tengor, that I hope to buy some day. It has a two element achromatic lens, but if you look at pictures taken with one (plenty of them on the net), you can easily fool someone and say that they were taken with a Leica and Summicron.

    That Yashica lens is pretty good, and the dog portrait taken with Planar is nice. The shallow depth of field and suspicious gaze gives the portrait character.
    J. Patric Dahlén

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