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    Quote Originally Posted by sangetsu View Post
    I have owned a few F3s, an F2, a couple of F4s, and a couple of f100s, an FM, FM2, and even an FM3A, but I have sold all of them except my old plain-prism F. This is my favorite Nikon camera, it's simplicity and ruggedness appeals to me, and I get great photos with it. Don't knock the old F, it's more than enough to get the job.
    Yes it is, it's a simple rugged tool which can be kept running almost indefinitely. The F2 is just about as good, I can't think of any area where it is inferior to the F as far as reliability.
    Don't knock the first series of Nikkormats, either.
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    Saw many an F take quite a beating in Vietnam and they kept on ticking. I wonder if more modern cams would hold up nearly as well. Every time I pick up mine I'm reminded of the weight, but it sure is solid.
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    Having bought my first F in '70 while an Army still photographer and used the succession of Fs until '95 as supplied by my rich uncle Sam, I never had the F, F2, or F3 stop working of its own accord. They do stop working if submerged for any length of time or smashed.

    I'm still using my original personal Fs. (The reason I bought them was that the government expected me to use a 4X5 for everything but slides and we had one Spotmatic with one lens.) I only recently had one CLA'd because the slow speeds were getting really slow.

    The F3 with HP prism is the only F3 I would consider. The older you get the more you appreciate it.

    I have had the UD 20mm for more than 40 years. My favorite lens, but big. The 2.8/28mm (.2m min focus) is Nikon's sharpest, best WA. The 2.5/105mm is perfect.

    Ai lenses with ears work on F and F2, non-Ai work only in stop-down mode on the F3.

    Of my Nikons the F3s get the most use. Never had the motor on the F or F3 fail on its own.

    The F will never let you down. Try many screens; find what YOU prefer. Different jobs dictate screen choices.

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