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    Quote Originally Posted by The Old Pharaoh View Post
    I am afraid I will have to leave it here because an additional post with a few more brands was blocked for some reason or another. Perhaps because I gave an example of brands that are not approved of.

    I don't think I will be posting anything else in the near future. I will return to being just a reader as I have been in the past.
    I'm not sure what you're talking about, we certainly don't block content like that. There are times when the spam guard will accidentally mark something as spam depending on the link formatting. Feel free to raise a helpdesk ticket if you want me to investigate:



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    Quote Originally Posted by lxdude View Post
    I am quite sure that is NOT the reason your post failed to show. There are NO censors here pre-reading and blocking posts, and certainly no camera-brand preferential treatment. The moderators use a very light touch around here, and rely on us to police ourselves. They only step in when it is really necessary, and I have never seen them remove a post, even an offensive one. Maybe your ISP had a glitch or something at the same time you tried to post.
    I was reminded privately by another member that offensive posts have been removed by the moderators. I had forgotten about that. The posts were excessively combative or insulting, and usually not related to the thread topic. The deletions are noted, and usually have a short explanation from the moderator.
    Also, spam has been removed.
    I do use a digital device in my photographic pursuits when necessary.
    When someone rags on me for using film, I use a middle digit, upraised.

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