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What the uninformed refer to as a "shutter squeal" on Canon A series cameras ( it doesn't occur on the F series ) is a dry bearing on the fly wheel on the mirror braking mechanism, often results in people trying to lubricate the shutter mechanism with disastrous results.
CANON SHUTTER SQUEAL / SQUEAK quick and dirty fix by Flavio E.

I posted on the internet, way back in 2001, the following diagram. Here i indicate the exact point where, by just spraying some drops of WD40, the squeak would be solved for years. Did it to my A-1 with no problems at all way back in 2001, the camera still works as today.


Yes, it is just caused by lack of lubrication on a specific flywheel. On the GIF above I indicate the point where the mechanism can be easily re-lubricated, using a common WD40 can, the one that comes with the straw. WD40 is a mix of kerosene -which will loosen the gummed-up lubrican, and very light lubricant.