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    I have not handled the Bessa 3 models, but I suspect they are probably similar to my Bessa R. I like my Bessa R and it is a very good camera. When I want to shoot my LTM lenses with a meter that is the camera I use. I doubt you would be disappointed with any of the Bessa models as they work very well. There have been reports of rangefinder mis-alignment, but I wouldn't let that worry you too badly. There are obviously some big differences between the Bessa models and the Zeiss Ikon, as you would expect based on the large price difference.

    I'll be honest with you, with your lens Bessa, the ZI and the Leica will all take great pictures. I seriously doubt that anyone on this forum, or any other forum, would be able to look at similar pictures from any of these cameras and say which camera took which picture. Like I mentioned in my first post. It really boils down to handling, your own personal preferences and your budget. None of us can advise you regarding those things.

    Based on my own personal preferences and budget, I chose to use the Zeiss Ikon over the other rangefinders available. But I have made my own comparisons and I chose to go that direction. If I were in your shoes I would try whichever model I could afford right now. That is how I did it. Some others would advise you to save your pennies, and buy your pennies. Since you indicated you prefer in camera meters then the least expensive Leica is an M6, which can likely be purchased in decent condition for US$1,200. Maybe a bit higher, maybe a bit lower.

    So, you can get a used Leica for close to the same price that you can get a new Zeiss Ikon. The last time I looked the Bessa R2M and R3M are going for US$770 and the Bessa R2A and R3A are going for US$720. If you are willing to go used then you can buy a Zeiss Ikon for around $1100 and a Bessa for around $400 of you shop carefully.
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    Thank you for your posts.

    Is there anything cheaper than 400 bucks?

    The way it looks like is that there bessa, leica and zeiss... and minolta CLE with a very short RF distance and bessa prices at best.

    Has FSU ever made an M mount rangefinder?

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