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    Thank you Brian, for the compliment about 'interesting discussions'. It's not that I think better than others; it's just that what's relevant with me is tied to what is practical to ME and (I think, others) and NOT what SOCIETY deems is practical! Oftentimes there really is a difference. (When you have no dedicated friends (largely, by choice) you often are free to think in those wholly objective terms because you have nothing to lose for doing so.) I thought that this subject might be well worth pondering because it really just might not have an objective or 'rational' answer to it. I think that the reduction of fatigue is the best answer to this.

    But, cliveh, I would be very interested in knowing this: if you simply COVERED one eye, would it make a difference, because you state (or infer?) that, physically, you simply CANNOT close only one eye. Would that THEN reduce fatigue?

    And, why does fatigue GET reduced? With me, it seems to somehow prevent an overload of information allocated to only one eye. Maybe that is more psychological than real. - David Lyga
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