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    Ah, I should have researched the FTb a little better. I assumed it had the same viewfinder magnification as the FT QL I once owned. That one was .9 and I found it impossible to see the whole frame w/ glasses, and darn near couldn't see it even w/o them.

    I ended up getting an AE1 and the camera worked fine w/ the R 100 2 lens, which turned out to be really sharp, as Mackinaw stated. In fact, using it close up for some flower shots, it's better than the Leica R 90 2 Summicron I used to own, which is amazing. However, it's not as good for portraits as the Summicron, but then what is? One thing I found out on the AE1 is that if you use f2 as your bench mark in the viewfinder on the meter scale, all you need to do is set your aperture and spin the shutter speed knob w/ your finger until it points at f2 and you get correct exposure. This is good, as otherwise you get no idea of aperture or shutter speeds in the AE1 viewfinder. You can go the other way around too. Just set your shutter speed to the desired speed, and turn the aperture until the needle points to f2. I wonder if this is because it has an f2 max aperture lens? The camera has no linkages at all to the R lens for metering, it's just metering the light as you stop the lens down manually.

    I sold the AE1 because it was only getting up to 1/200 on even the highest shutter speeds and bought an F-1. W/ the standard prism it cannot meter accurately w/ the R lens. I have to use a hand held meter. The R 100 lens looks beautiful on the camera though.
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    Those close up shots look great!


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