Well, I had to open my big mouth! I just got out of the darkroom and discovered my Minox ML's shutter was malfunctioning. I had the first four frames come out fine and then every frame after was crossly over-exposed. I pulled the back and learned why in a big hurry. The Minox 35 has a double stroke shutter wind and it seems on the second wind that the shutter would open and stay open until I tripped the shutter release. I tore into it and now have it working the way it should. The shutters and so sneaky on these guys that they make the same sound whether they are working or not. Just some winter ice storm shots so no big lose, but it still pisses me off. My old EL never lets me down and I even thing it's lens might be a tad bit sharper to boot. Still the best darn pocket size camera. My wife bought me a brand new Oly XA when they first came out and I really liked the design of that camera, but the lens could never match the Rollei 35 or the Minox 35 for sharpness near wide open. I liked the XA2 and thought my pics were better from that then the XA. Just me and my opinion of course. JohnW