I have been looking for a Brightscreen Eyepeice Magnifier 1.7x (for Leica DCM, canon or other) but am coming up short. I know very little about this piece of gear but it may be perfect for what i want. I have a Hexar RF rangefinder and would like to adapt it to the 0.6 magnification viewfinder to give close to 1:1 viewing for my 50mm lens. I have read that it gives a wide angle of view and is very good resolution.

Sad to find out that brightscreen is no longer in business... But i would really love to find one of these viewfinder magnifiers. Does anyone know where I could find one or something similar? what i need is a magnifier that gives between 1.65x to 1.8x magnification, still gives enough field of view to see most of the finder and that i could adapt onto my Hexar.

Please PM me if you have one or if you know where I could find one. Thank you!