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    I have no technical expertise either, but I have practical experience. I used a Luna Six (= Luna Pro outside the US) for years with great results. Then the mercury cells were banned. A local camera store had the adapter for $40. This was years ago, so I think $60 is an OK price. I'm still using the meter, works as well as ever. If I were you, I'd spend the loot. I've never found a reason to replace the Luna Six. I like the possibility of using it under the light of the full moon, which gave the meter its name.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AgX View Post
    But the question remains:
    Is there a practical alternative to "just" inserting a diode into the circuit as de Gruijter unfolds in his treatise?

    A voltage regulator that nevertheless will work with those small differences in cell voltages?
    A pair of diodes is less than a dollar (USA).

    Donno what Tom used in his regulator or what battery but a switching mode circuit can step voltage up or down.

    But a regulator is more expensive eg the diode solution is 60USD commercially do you want to pay more?

    The battery test switch and datum was necessary for mercury cells and is also sufficient for silver cells.

    You need to read the link Tom posted again.

    Fixing things that are not broken will get you fired.

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