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    Quote Originally Posted by Xmas View Post
    pull drapes switch off Lights wait until dark either

    empty under stair cupboard and close door fit a blanket to inside of door


    crawl into bed head first and do it under heavy coat with arms in sleeves from the wrong ends.

    seal ends of film can and label open only in dark room, get the process person to read the label while the tub iz still in your hand

    If the film end is shattered brush out shards from camera focal plane shutters don't like shards...

    note my chum opened an Ilford bulk box although it said don't in eight languages I wont tell you his web name.
    XMAS and Dr Croubie,
    Is all this crawling under the blankets getting hot and sweaty really necessary?

    Just go into you darkened bedroom and let your eyes adjust for a couple of minutes. If light is coming under the door
    then turn off the light on the other side of the door. Close your curtains and unless you have a streetlight outside your
    window, things should be pretty dark by now.

    If you cannot see your hand in front of you face you can bring the film out into the open on top of your bed without
    any problems for a couple of minutes. Before I bought a changing bag I would load my developing reels in this fashion with
    no problems. I'm more impatient now and I like to develop during the daytime.

    Think about it. Could you meter the light in the bedroom at this level and what exposure would you need to get an image?

    Getting sweaty under the blankets is for other activitiesand preferably not alone

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    I would wait at least 5 minutes for my eyes to adjust.
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