I've had a 167MT for a very long time, and it has never failed me. Yes, it has motorized film advance, and program and A and Time modes, but if don't want to use them just put in on Manual and there you go. I usually use it on Aperture Priority and the exposures are very, very good. I got it with the 50mm f/1.4, which I'll agree is a great lens. Sometimes I wonder why I've bothered to get other cameras. So I can recommend the 167MT. I also bought an RTSII at a camera fair, and only belatedly realized that I got taken. Turns out that C/Y lenses have a lug on the back of the lens that mates up with a lug in the camera mount that inputs the lens' max aperture to the onboard electronics - I imagine it uses a variable resistor track as seen in Nikon Photomic heads, etc. Trouble is that in my RTSII the readings of max aperture will jump around, knocking the exposure out of whack. I've had one repair man look at it and tell me that it cannot be fixed; I've purchased a parts body online to try to cannibalize the parts needed to get it up and running. I imagine this is an uncommon problem, as no one I've ever met has had the same. One reason I'd like to take up with the RTSII is that it uses LEDs in the viewfinder, which are generally easier for me to read then LCD (though I never had problems with the LCD readout in the 167MT). In terms of lenses, I've got the 25mm made-in-Germany lens, which is great, the 80-200 zoom (Japan) and the 28-85 zoom in addition to the 50. All produce very fine images.