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    troubleshooting my fm3a

    it started acting up and I have no idea what the cause is or could be.

    1) if the camera has not been used in a day or longer, the first shot goes off at a much longer shutter speed than needed. this happens in both A mode and in manual mode. this is a head scratcher as I could see if it was a slow shutter in A mode only, but it also happens with the manual shutter. seems a little like a sticky shutter. but every frame after the first comes out perfect no matter how many rolls are shot. I shot 5 rolls the same day and only the first had issues. I Also tried shooting 3 frames a day for 7 days in a row and the issues happened on the first frame and only the first frame each day. I did replace the batteries but again that should have no impact on the manual speeds and the problem persisted.

    2) after the sticky frame is shot, I wind the film like always. then the next issue. the camera locks and requires me to wind off another frame, leaving it unexposed. the winder is not "locked" like it would normally be after shooting a frame off. so it requires me to waste a frame to get to a third frame after which the camera works fine. it has happened multiple times in 1 roll shot within an hour but seems to be more related/tied to the sticky shutter, meaning it happens after the off times frame first frame.

    I have searched the web and found nobody posting anything related to the issues. ITs a shame as I love the camera but drives me nuts if I go out and don't finish a roll. if there are any thoughts of things I can check or do please let me know


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    Good old drying up lubrication on the shutter. A CLA will correct it. It will only get worse until a CLA is done.



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