Hello friends,

I am back with another lens question. I want to get a zoom lens, fast and light enough, for my Spotmatic. That's not as if I were not satisfied with Takumars, I just want a lens for some quick shooting The Tokina I wrote here about (70-210) proved to be excellent, so why not to get an another zoom, a shorter one? My eye caught on M42 Sigma-XQ MC 3.5/39-80 Macro Mini-Zoom, available for $100 in Moscow's old camera store. It looks good, and makes an overall good impression... is it worthy of purchase? My standarts in optics are high , so I want to have a good lens... never trusted much to zooms, though I was unable to find much information about this lens in the net, so I want to know your opinion. The lens state is excellent, though it has to be dusted a bit from inside - as usual.