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    My personal record for a trip is nine x-ray inspections of my hand baggage over two weeks. Film was all B&W 120 and either ISO100 or ISO400. Eight of the scans were at airports (US, Paris, and Milan) and one was at the entrance to St. Chapelle in Paris. The last was unexpected and I have no idea how their screening machine compares to the airport machines, but I decided to chance it rather than return to the hotel to drop off my film.

    The end results: Absolutely no detectable change in the film. No extra fog, no odd marks, no image degradation that I can find. The negatives have the same density range as those I've shot locally.

    I'm returning to Europe at the end of the month and I plan to take 35mm this time...I'll let the scanners have their way with my film and we'll see what happens. I won't be worrying about it, though.

    Be well.
    Film is cheap. Opportunities are priceless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Markauf
    I always ask for a hand check. They say the carry-on x-ray machines are safe, but I'm not so sure there isn't a cumulitive effect.

    My routine includes taking all my film (35mm and 120) out of the packages and into a large plastic zip lock bag. I ALWAYS carry ISO 3200 with me (if only as a "prop") to insure that my request for a hand sheck is honored. Mark
    Yes, radiation is cumulative. You want to do whatever you can to minimize exposure, so if you can avoid getting your film x-rayed at all, do so. It'll get radiated just sitting in the overhead bin, and if you don't shoot it and want to take it home..then on another trip..etc. I've traveled with film all over the world and always asked for a hand check - never had a problem in the US, but yes, some foreign airports have different proceedures. I use the high ISO "stunt roll trick" as well.

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