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    How do I use this flash - Sunpak 221?

    Hi, new to the forums here.

    I hope somebody can offer me some tips - I just got a Sunpak Auto 221 flash with my camera but I have no idea how to use it with my cameras (Pentax K1000 and Olympus OM-1n).

    The back of the unit has a batt on/off switch and another switch with a white 'M', a yellow 'A' and a green 'A'. There's a gauge reading feet and f-stops, but I have no idea what its telling me. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thankx in advance.

    Also, there is some wiring exposed on the back of the unit. Is it something I can just cover with electrical tape or should I try to find a permanent solution? Thankx!

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    I could give you a very general "flash photography basics" answer, but I am sure that much you already know. Unfortunately, what would be most helpful is a manual, and the only place (www.craigcamera.com) I could find one wants $18(!!!) for it - I have failed in finding a freebie. I know that my Sunpak has a manual (M) and auto (A) setting, as well as a dial scale for setting power. The rest of the scale should tell you how much power to dial in for the f-stop you are using within a distance range from the subject. As to how to use the auto settings, I don't know that. Perhaps someone has a manual or experience with this flash? Good luck,


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    Not knowing this particular flashgun, but....

    On the back of the unit (on the diagram/graph/gauge), there should be two coloured lines (one yellow, one green). These lines should extend from one end of the scale to a specific distance & f-stop number for each ISO setting (e.g. 2.8 & f4 @ ISO 100). To use the A settings, select one most appropriate one via the switch on the back & set the lens' aperture to this value. As long as the flash-subject distance is less than the one where the coloured line stops, the exposure will be correct.



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