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    Quote Originally Posted by Bentley Boyd
    I was taking the Canon rep. to task, about the companys plastic lens barrels ( I was a Nikon user at the time ) he said that to say " plastic" was an over simplification the material had been specially developed, was lighter, and enabled them to fix some of the lens elements in the molten plastic during manufacture making them less prone to shock damage.

    I was just looking at my old Breach lock Canon 50mm 1.8 ssc, and I'm not sure if the lens barrel on that is plastic , does anybody know ?
    The term plastic is pretty generic, and in that sense is always an oversimplification. The camera plastics are chosen for a specific task, and the polycarbonate used for many of the body shells is related to the bulletproof canopies used in jet fighters. That said, I still prefer metal bodies and lens construction. I would think that setting the lens elements in plastic would also make them unrepairable. I'm not a big fan of "disposable" construction, and I like to buy for the long term, but I do understand that cheaper construction methods keep prices down somewhere near affordable.

    My Canon FD 100mm f:4.0 macro, which had the non-metallic feel that your 50 seems to have, had focus creep when pointed down for copy work. The weight of the lens would overcome the focusing friction, so I had to use a wide rubber band to hold it in place. The 100mm f:4.0 macro that I bought in 1979 in another brand still focuses like new, and the focus is stiff enough that it never moves unless I tell it to.

    Sorry I can't help you with the construction of your 50mm Canon lens. Mine was 1973 vintage, and I haven't seen it in 27 years.


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    My best: Canon EF 50mm f2.5 macro. Prone to flare, though.

    The worst: Olympus Zuiko 50mm f1.8
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    In terms of speed, sharpness, contrast, and coverage my SMCP f:1.4/50mm is at the top of a very large heap of lenses that I've used over 50 years, followed closely by the DR Summicron. However, in a sense, the best 50mm lens ever made is Leica's standard f:3.5/50mm Elmar.

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