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I'm really a newbie to analogue photography and never developed my film on my own. Two weeks ago I started shooting with b/w film but I didn't develop it, now I want to try it...

My Camera is very old: A Minolta 7000 (It's from my father)

Let me be the first to say, "Welcome to the Dark Side!" and "Resistance is futile...". You will quickly become addicted to true photography.

Second: That Minolta is definitely NOT OLD!!! But treat her nicely and she'll give you some nice photos.

Now... when you start talking about pre Anniversay v. post Anniversary Graphics, your getting into older cameras. When you talk about uncoated lenses, then you may be talking older photography...just barely.

Like the others have said, rewind completely and pop the end off with a bottle opener (church key for us older folks in the US).

I've gone over to the Patterson developing tanks because they have these little feed tools that load the film onto the reel perfectly. With the stainless tanks and reels I almost always leave part of the strip touching thereby ruining at least a frame or two.

Have fun!!!