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    Hartblei is apparently co-operating with Zeiss to offer Zeis 40mm, 80mm and 120mm lenses in their "super rotator" T&S mounts. So its a Distagon / Planar from Zeiss that has then been "extended" on the back end with extra mechanics so for tilt and shift and a mount for NIkon / Canon / Sony. See here - the pdf is unfortunately rabidly pro-digital.

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    [QUOTE=JBrunner;358859]I have used all of the canon TS lenses, and others adapted for cine applications. There is no real useful application of these lenses in substitution for a view camera, regarding architectural correction, or focus control, other than for visual effect, in other words, blurring some parts of the same focal plane. The limited movement available is very difficult to assess in a reflex viewfinder. I am always amused when comparisons to view camera systems are alluded to with these lenses. Aside from the technical similarity to some of the movements available on the front of a view camera, TS lenses have little in common with view cameras, in actual application.

    This is a little different perspective but the canon diggy's and the TS lenses certainly helped in degrading and downplaying the use of 4x5 for commercial architectural photography. Architects no longer require 4x5 and in part is due to these lenses making some movements possible with 35mm and 35mm equiv diggy cameras. I say this from hard experience almost NONE of my clients want 4x5 or care about having perfect perspective in their images anymore. Thats a product of many things and another discussion. Are the TS as good as the real 4x5 deal? No way but you can get enough movement for many shots. I know many Arch/photogs using these lenses instead of 4x5 now and while its not as good as 4x5 they do help. I would still prefer to use 4x5 and these lenses are limiting but I have to change with the times or do something else for a living. My point being these TS lenses do help in doing some corrections in perspective.

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    Quote Originally Posted by papisa View Post
    How do you follow a guy having a Pancake lens.
    When i bought my Canon AE-1 camera from my partnes dad it was a total Camera kit, 3 lenes ETC and he told me that he had one more lens somewhere around the house, he called me yesterday and said he found it.

    He said the lens was called a Tilt and Shift lens, O.K. where do we go from here with a name like that.

    Thanks for any information and have a good and safe holiday.
    Wel, get that lens and you have large format camera using 35mm film...

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