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Thread: OM2n Problem

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    You can remove the baseplate by removing the screws in the bottom.
    If the battery has swollen, this releases the pressure on the batt cover & it shouldn't be difficult to remove. If the batt has corroded you can try soaking the base plate in a baking soda or hydrogen peroxide to loosen the cover.
    The insulator around the MD contacts will be loose. Don't you be losin' that thing now!
    Heavily sedated for your protection.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simon E View Post
    A 20p coin is a better idea for the battery cover, but don't worry about that now. Get it to an engineer and never, ever use WD40 in a camera.

    I have also used Colchester Camera Repairs, the one linked to by Andy K above, and they know their stuff. An OM-2n overhaul will cost a bit more than for the OM-1 but it will be worth it, and new back & pentaprism foam seals are worth it on their own. Consider it an essential part of the running cost.

    20p was worse than a 1p, a 2p fit best, anyway I got it done at Luton Camera Repair Services, only took him a few minutes and he didn't charge me (second time they have done a very minor repair free, so I am not longer pissed at them for charging me £7.50 for just the door part light seal) He had to make an extra indent in it just to get the leverage.

    Anyway he managed to get it off, also as I said before they film winder problem basically fixed its self, so now I have a fully functional OM-2n

    Thanks for that John, I'm not daft! the light seals do look a bit worse for ware, I think I will buy a kit of eBay and have a go myself.

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