I've walked through a metal detector with at least 20 rolls of TX 120 on my person (cargo pants, safari shirt with big pockets) and haven't had it go off. The wrapper is mylar, not foil, and the spools are plastic. If you're bulging out all over, though, they may ask you to put it through the X-ray.

Despite all those past articles about possible X-ray damage, those of us who fly with some frequency have some experience in this, and in all these threads about X-ray damage, you rarely see anyone posting a credible example of X-ray damage.

If you're really concerned, buy film on location if possible and have it processed locally or ship your film ahead and ship it back.

You can also use lead film bags. Usually, if I put my film in a lead bag to reduce exposure on a trip where there will be multiple exposures, I'm not asked to remove it for X-ray, but occasionally it's happened, and I've let the film go through with no consequences.