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    Quote Originally Posted by Chan Tran View Post
    I have to disagree with you. While the KX is an excellent camera it often fetch less than the lesser K1000 because of all the hype about it on the web. It's rather rare but whenever I saw one for sale it's less than $100.

    Generally, speaking this is true. The KX and K2, however, are said to share a number of common film transport components leading to a design that is somewhat more failure prone than the one used in the K1000. This may, in part, account for the higher prices fetched by the K1000. Apart from its CdS exposure meter, I've not heard of any pattern of failures with the K1000.

    Neither of the two photography schools in my metro area recommends anybody pick up a second-hand K1000 any more. The Pentax ZX-M and Nikon FM10 (or the Cosina model with which the FM10 shares all but its name) seem to be what's pitched now.
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