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    For fun I went out to test this lens on my 1N-HS and brought along my 50 1.8 to compare to. The entire test was botched. Almost every shot was out of focus including my 1.8 shots. I have no clue what went wrong since I confirmed focus with the camera. It could be my manual focus split screen causing the problems. I could show examples of the 50L on film, but they have to be sized down since focus is off. I swear the my 1.8 had more contrast. The lighting was tungsten, so it wasn't flattering light to shoot in. Im still not convinced this lens is worth buying yet. I did noticed when I shot something on an angle that my split screen was showing that sensor out of focus. So the problem with focus on the lens was present. I can't say if the 1.8 was doing this too though. All in all the test was a waste of time since nothing turned out. I'd rather shoot on my Elan 7 next time since I know that camera can focus properly.

    I noticed B&H reduced the price on this lens from $1599 to $1359. That's quite a drop. That betters the Canadian pricing out there now. In Canadian that's $1442 which is cheaper by $78 dollars here.
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    At that price you could buy an FD 50/1.2L, a good FD compatible body like a New F-1, and have enough cash left over to cover the better part of an FD 85/1.2L.

    I've been using the FD 50/1.2L quite a lot lately. That extra half stop over the 1.4 really is useful if you shoot indoors often. The availability of super fast lenses is one of the few reasons I even keep a 35mm camera at all (as opposed to MF or LF).
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