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    My new FT (now that we cleared that up)

    Anyways got this guy roughly last thursday and have used it on least three rolls of film since then. I also got around to doing my traditional habit of taking a studio shot of any new equipment I get.

    Pen FT // 1966 (or was it '67) // 38mm f/1.8

    Two shots taken on the camera with a 100% crop, scanned on a Nikon Super Coolscan 8000 ED at 4000 dpi.

    Ilford FP4+ 125 // Developed in Tmax 1+4
    Exposure 1/250 @ f/11 + strobes

    information regarding the above can be seen at : DA - Heather

    Tri-X 400 shot at 200 // Developed in HC-110 1:50 68F 6 minutes
    Exposure 1/60 @ f/1.8

    information regarding the above can be seen at : DA - Clarkie's Neighbor

    After doing both scans at 4000 dpi, I was somewhat surprised in some instances how sharp the 38mm f/1.8 lens is. It just seems like to get any other lens ( aside from say a 38/1.8, 40/1.4 or 150/4) is either a pain in the butt to find or just plain expensive. Likewise with the lens adapters. But overall I liked the camera, the shutter seemed unique since I've had both focal plane and leaf on my cameras, just not rotary.

    I ordered a Bowen slide duplicator adapter for the Pen-F basically it's just a T-Mount adapter for the Pen-F mount for 14$ so with any luck I might find some alternatives to a wide t-mount (or T2) lens for cheap as well. It's not anything like being able to use my existing M42 or Canon FD lens, but its a hell of a lot cheaper for the adapter (14$ as opposed to nearly 350$).

    I might pick up a 100/3.5 if opinion seem to be ok on it.
    -Karl Blessing
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    Color Film always existed. It's just the world was always black and white till recently.

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    Congrats! I picked up an FT a few months ago and have just been insanely happy with it.



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