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    The N8008s is the best 35mm camera that I've used for manual lenses. Mine has never seen an AF lens. You can put a split prism screen in there in about 20 seconds, but w/ a fast lens and that focus confirmation light in the viewfinder (bright!) it's a snap to use w/ the original matte screen. I have a Leica R 90 2.8 Elmarit that seems to be permanently mounted to mine. Using it in stop down mode w/ a non Nikon lens, or in any mode w/ a Nikon lens, couldn't be faster. Put it in shutter priority, focus, stop down, shoot. If you need a different exposure, lock it w/ the AE lock on the value in the scene that you like, recompose, shoot. Very accurate shutter and meter. The spot feature is wonderful. Love that camera.

    Good heads up from Frank, as either the prong will get jammed on a non AI lens (in which case it probably won't mount anyway), or the little tab on the camera that controls exposure that slides around the lens mount will jam on the back of the lens. Easy enough to do a DIY A.I. mode on the lens though if your heart's desire is to shoot in on that camera.

    The N90s is taller by just about the amount you mentioned. Pretty much the same camera.
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