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All great ideas!
I just had a pm from a member that suggested a period of precooling before taking the camera into very cold conditions.It makes sense to chill the camera say in a front porch or a cool spot in the home ahead of time to prevent the initial cold blast from adding condensation to a lens or body.

Condensation only occurs when warm (moist) air comes in contact with cold objects. (Think of your glasses - if you wear glasses - when you come in from the cold). The advice about 'precooling' does makes sense when dealing with snow, otherwise the cold snow will melt on the warm body, and possibly become ice. (Think of dropping your warm car keys in the snow - damn, I hate that!). Since you probably don't want to photograph facing into the snow (the lens won't show much when either wet, or snow covered), you can always use your body to shield much of the snow from the camera.
And if you happen to breath on the viewfinder, and fog it, you can either wait for it to clear, or put your mouth near the viewfinder and inhale. It sounds crazy, but the increased flow of cold air helps to cool the condensate and clear the viewfinder.
Happy shooting!