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Thread: Minolta HiMatic

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chaplain Jeff View Post
    The Hi Matic 7s was a great and glorious beast of a camera!

    I had one, but later got a 7sII, which was more compact (like the G and AF2 mentioned above) but still on par mechanically with the 7s. Reminiscent, actually, of the CLE.

    The glass, however was - to my knowledge - always Rokkor glass and in some instances rumored to be Leica designed (as is the case with the 7sII).

    Great cameras all. It's a shame Minolta is gone - but the Sony DSLRs are Minolta in all but name: including the great Minolta glass with its glorious bokeh.

    As well built as these RF's were made, they'll be around for our children to enjoy if they so desire. My little girl shoots with my / her Minolta A2 rangefinder (she's 8). Shoots better artwork than her old man.

    Jeff M

    The 40mm f/1.7 lens on the Hi-Matic 7sII, a few Konica's and the Vivitar ES rangefinder, is a very good lens. It was a design collaboration between Leitz and Minolta.

    Kiron Kid

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    tangential Minolta HiMatic Question

    I just got a Hi-Matic 9 that looks like it's barely been used, and I'd love to get a good carry case for it.

    Is there a site somewhere that sells old cases or a modern equivalent that would work?

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