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    Minolta 800si - within frame light leaks in a bright sunshine

    Hi there,

    I've just picked four rolls of B&W film that I left in local lab two days ago. The film was shot with Minolta 800si I purchased few weeks ago.

    I was quite dissapointed to see that most frames feature a light leak on the bottom of the frame; however, the film base is clear throughout the whole film. What also striked me was that the frames that weren't taken in the bright sunlight remain properly exposed with no light leaks and whatnot. Also there are no light leaks on the color print film which I had developed in the same lab and on the film I had developed by myself.

    The following link features some samples of what I've been talking about:


    Now, the question is: is it the camera, the development in the lab or something else? As I said, the film base isn't fogged and remains clear so wouldn't say it's the detoriated foam. What is it then?
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