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Thread: Nikkormat FT2

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    Although, if you forget to pull the lock out on the shutter speed ring tab, you'll definitely break a fingernail. Did that the first time I ever shot an FT2. I've only owned one FTn that had an ASA bracket assembly that was stiff enough that I needed to use a small jeweler's screwdriver to move. Every other body has been pretty easy to adjust, even my current black FTn. The FT2 does have the advantage of the built-in hot shoe, which is nice. The only negative about the FT2/FT3, is that they never came stock with a J screen installed. Was either the K or the A screen. I prefer the J screen for use with the Nikkormat/Nikomat series, due to the fact that it makes slower lenses, like a 200f4 or 300f4.5 easier to focus than the screens with the split. I've been able to solve that in my case, by having the FT2's serviced and a J screen installed at the same time. In fact, just parted out a chrome FTn that had a few issues with it, for a few parts that I need for a chrome FT2 that will be arriving soon. Probably will have the only chrome Nikomat FT2 that looks like an early FTn out there.

    In the case of said black FTn, it's already been recalibrated to 1.5 volts. The alkaline batteries aren't really recommended for the FTn, but, only one company is making a 625 form factor silver-oxide battery, and that happens to be the company mentioned in my previous post.

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    Nikkormat FT2

    The FT2 is my favorite Nikkormat. It takes MS-76 batteries and works equally well with AIS, AI or pre-AI lenses. Your AI/AIS lenses will need a prong and you will need to index them when you mount them but this is easier than using pre-AI lenses on an FT3 with stop down metering.

    When I first started collecting and using Nikkormats I had an FT with an FTN top. It took me a while to figure that out. For macro work or when using a slow lens I take out an FE with the E screen but for general work the FT2 is very nice. If I want to use an FTN I'll just take an MR-9 adapter out of one of my other cameras and use that. The silver oxide cell in an MR-9 will last a lot longer than a hearing aid battery.

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