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This lens is really in need of a redo. It's pretty lame, overall. The 24-70L @ 35mm is as good or better.

unless you need autofocus, I'd consider getting something older, manual focus and using that. The Olympus 35/2 is perhaps one of the best choices. Nikon 35/1.4 is not too bad either. I also have adapted the MInolta Rokkor 35/1.8 to EOS mount and that's a pretty sweet combo too.

I'll second this. I bought a 35mm f2 EOS lens and it was the most unpleasant piece of $%*#(^&$ I've ever used......and I am fairly happy with my cheap 50m f1.8 Mk2 lens. It is loud and slow. I sold it almost as quickly as I bought it. I am currently using a 17-40mm L zoom instead.....much nicer, but it is heavy......mostly, though, I stick to my 50 and 85mm 1.8....they are both great and inexpensive lenses. I'd love to see a decent 35mm f2 lens offered by Canon. It would be a nice length for a lot of the digital cameras too.