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That older Infinity with the Zuiko 35/2.8 is a really good performer. That lens is a very sharp one. As I stated earlier, the Canon Sure Shot zooms are nice and come with a lot of very useful features, not to mention very nice lenses. You might check those out.
I have that older Infinity with the Zuiko 35/2.8 lens. Used it a lot some years ago and the results were great. I also used one of the Canon Sure Shot zooms back in the mid-90s. Loved it, but lost it in the surf off Portugal from a big wave that knocked my bakcpack off a rock. Also lost that day several LF lenses, my favorite Sekoinic exposure meter, and about 20 exposed sheets of 5X7 film.

Anyway, thanks to the good advice here I picked up seveal point and shoot camers for a song, including a Pentax 928, the Rollei Prego 90 and an Olympus 105. I am sure my wife will be satisfied with one of them!

Sandy King